Registered Angus Herd For Sale, Blanco, OK

Barco's angus herd is built with seed stock carefully produced using a combination of pedigrees, expected progeny differences (EPDs) and physical appearance.

Due to an unexpected need for retirement, the herd is now for sale.

The operation maintains about 50 registered angus cows with calves and focuses on producing herd bulls for the purpose of breeding better beef. We have a history of angus breeding successes through a deep understanding of pedigrees and experience with cattle genetics. We also utilize Igenity® genomic-enhanced EPDs and ultrasound to aid in the selection and breeding of our cattle.

registered angus bulls

Barco's primary goal is to produce high performance angus herd bulls that require less energy. We have been in the angus business to make a difference and help cattle breeders make money.

Come visit us in Southeastern Oklahoma and stroll through the pastures to see first-hand why we are so proud of this exceptional angus herd and excited about our yearling angus bulls for sale.